Two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl…..

I am having so much trouble trying to drive this blog site! I thought I wrote about myself somewhere….but cant find it! :0/

Ok…quickly. I’m here from Reezle to keep in touch with two wonderful (well 3 wonderful) women that I met there. Two since have disappeared. It wasnt nice and I miss them!

I’m in the land of Oz. Looking for the wizard – but he alludes me. I want him to make the damn sun shine – 366 days a year.  (yes…366)  I love summer. I love the sun but dont suntan. I know where the love should stop.   :0)  *burnies ouch!*

I am a mom of two angels with issues. They light up my world….and bring the dark clouds when they arent happy happy joy joy. Dont we all love those days?

Not much else to say about myself – I’m sure once I start blogging – more of me will be revealed. * Ooooo……sounds a bit saucey doesnt it??*