Snippets from a random mind

‘Drip……drip……drip’. I’m still very much in the land of nod but this sound registers in my consciousness. I incorporate it into my dream. Someone is tapping the table leg where I am sitting having the most disjointed conversation with an old guy from work and a lost childhood friend about a car trip we are planning to take. ‘Tap……tap……tap’. Stop that – it’s annoying and drowning out the conversation. What did Ian just say to Sophie about the snacks we will need? ‘Tap……..tap……drip’. It finally reverberated through the dream and into my head to wake me up. Instant recognition of the sound causes my eyes to spring open with instant clarity to my vision. There’s a leak somewhere close to me. Its not a tap dripping…its a roof leak.
That was my morning.
It’s funny how somethings can make us jump out of bed. It’s more uncanny how certain noises or sounds are instantly recognized although they are not common. I am in tune to water sounds, more so (roof )leaks and the humm/buzz of electrical appliances. I can smell burning faster than anyone other than my  mother. The only thing I wish I was good at detecting was the smell of gas leaks. I cannot smell gas. I once almost burned my head off whilst lighting a gas grill at  the oven in my home. The said oven was ripped out and electrical hotplates and ovens were purchased. I now rely on my sons nose when concerned about the gas bottles we use for our hot water.
I often think of what it would be like to not have all my senses working. I imagine being blind….and relying on a mental picture of the world around. Would that ‘picture’ be in color? Would it be analytical or artistic? Would the reliance of tones in peoples voices and the absence of facial expressions and body language make it easier to assess if someones being genuine….or harder? Then I wonder if sight wasn’t the barrier and sound was. I believe there are those of us with all our senses who really don’t appreciate how lucky we are. We find other things to determine that our lives are far from perfect. Too fat, too thin, too poor, too lonely, too busy. So on and so forth. We fail to remember that we have the basic human functions working perfectly and have a need to create imperfections thus creating unhappiness. I do not include those with physical or mental challenges – such as disabilities, illness or injuries. I mean people who can see, smell, feel and move ‘normally’. Normal being a very gray word as I really do not think there is such a thing as ‘normal’ but it fits with what I am trying to convey.
Maybe if we took a little time to just remember the small blessings and ignore the problems that are self created – we may be able to tackle those problems or obstacles that block our road to happiness in a more positive way?
As someone said to me. “Things sometimes seem hopeless and too much to bear – but you have your eyes, ears, voice, arms and legs. Your half way there to overcoming your hurdles. All you need is YOU.”


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